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Q 1) A sum of money invested at 15% simple interest p.a. for 3 years yields the same interest another sum invested at 12% simple interest p.a. for 5 years. What is the ratio of the two sums invested? (RRB Group d Previous Year Question)

Ans  A) 4 : 5   B) 5 : 3   C) 6 : 5   D) 5 : 6

Q 2) Two inlet pipes A & B can fill an empty cistern in 22 & 33 hours respectively. They are switched on together but pipe B had to be closed 7 hours before the cistern was full. How many hours in all did it take two pipes to fill the cistern? 

Ans  A) 15   B) 16.2   C) 14.2   D) 16

Q 3)  64÷4^2×2+2=?

Ans  A) 4   B) 8   C) 1   D) 10

Q 4) ………… was born in a grove known as Lumbini, near the city of Kapilavastu?

Ans  A) Bimbisara   B)  Gautam Buddha   C) Ashoka   D) Mahavira

Q 5) Which one of the below is not the property of acids?


A) Their Presence turns red litmus red blue

B) They Act As Electrolyte in Solutions

C) They Corrode Metal Surface Slowly

D) Their Presence turns litmus red.

Q 6) Passenger falls in the forward directions when a moving bus applies brakes to stop and falls backward when it accelerates from rest. This because of ……………..?

Ans  A) Force  B) Displacement C) Inertia  D) Momentum

Q 7) Which one of the following has only magnitude and no direction?

Ans A) Velocity  B) Force  C) Work  D) Momentum.

Q 8) Find the odd one out from among the given figures?





Ans A) D   B) C  C) X  D) G

Q 9) ……………. is a coastal state on the west of India?

Ans  A) Tamil Nadu  B) West Bengal  C) Rajasthan  D) Gao

Q 10) How many triangles are present in the below figure?

Ans A) 30  B) 42  C) 32  D) 52

Q 11) Which the State of India is the leading producer of tea?

Ans A) Gujrat   B) Assam  C) Sikkim  D) West Bengal.

Q 12) When you reverse the digit of the number 14, the number is increased by 27. How many other two-digit numbers increase by 27 when their digit are reversed?

Ans A) 5  B) 6  C) 8  D) 9

Q 13) Mamata was running towards the East direction. Her friend was running in the opposite direction. In which direction her friend was running?

Ans A) North  B) West  C) South D) East

Q 14) Two friends enter a restaurant. they were given a table just adjacent to the entrance with two seats. They sit opposite each other. One of the friends seated at 90 degrees from the entrance. If while entering they faced East, In which direction are they sitting with respect to the entrance?

Ans A) Nort-West  B) South-West C) South-East D) East-West

Q 15) The HCF of 117 & 195 is :

Ans A) 65  B) 13 C) 3  D) 39

Q 16) Edwin Lutyen’s designed a part of Delhi between 1912 to …….?

Ans A) 1923  B) 901  C) 1910  D) 1931

Q 17) You are a given a question and two statements. Identify which of the statement is/are necessary to answer the question.  What is the code for “I”


  1. In a code language, “I am here” is written as “N em ida”
  2. “I like icecream” is written as “N el crema”


A) Statement 1 alone is sufficient.

C) A) Statement 1 & 2 together is sufficient.

B) Statement 2 alone is sufficient.

D) A) Either 1 or 2 not sufficient.

Q 18) one-fourth of a certain number exceeds one-fifth of its succeeding number by 3. Find the original number.

Ans A) 64  B) 44  C) 54  D) 59

Q 19) After meeting with an accident, a train starts moving at 2/3 its speed. Due to this, it is 45 minutes late. Find the original time of the journey beyond the point of the accident.


A) 90 minutes.

B) 120 minutes.

C) 45 minutes.

D) 135 minutes.

Q 20) Find the next term in the following series.

A1C3, E5G7, I9K11,  ………

Ans :


B) M13O16

C) M12O14

D) M13015

Q 21) Which of these is an alkaline earth metal? 

Ans A)  Magnesium B)  Beryllium C) Potassium D)  Calcium

Q 22) Rashi can cycle @ 12 km an hour and walk @ 4 km an hour.  To cover a distance of 66 km, she takes 8.5 hours.  How many kilometers did she cover on foot? 

Ans  A)  24 km  B) 36 km  C) 30 km  D) 18 km

Q 23) The length, breadth, and height of a room are in the ratio 8: 7: 5 If the length halves, the breadth doubles, and the height halves, by what cost of painting the four walls of the room reduce? 

Ans A)  35 B) 37.5  C)  32.5  D) 40.

Q 24) A clock is set at 5.00 am in the morning.  How many degrees would the hour hand have cumulatively covered, when the time is 10 am?

Ans A)  90° B) 150°  C) 110° D) 120°

Q 25) M Natarajan, a prominent personality in Tamil Nadu politics, passed away very recently. H was?

Ans A)  Jayalalitha’s nephew  B) Sasikala’s husband  C)  Jayalalitha’s brother  D) Sasikala’s brother

Q26 ) tanθ = α ⇒ tan -1)=θ and cot-1)=β ⇒ cot-1)=Φ then the value of tan -1)+cot-1).


A) 90º


C) 45º

D) 60º


Q.27) The chemical formula of Plaster of Paris.

Ans A)  MgSO4.7H20 B)  CaSO4, 2H20  C) CaSO4 ½H20  D) FeSO..7H20

28 Read the given statement followed by two arguments labeled I and II and decide which of the given arguments is/are strong with respect to the statement. 


Should educational institutes allow their students to join student unions that are sponsored by political parties?


  1. No. The decision will politicize the educational environment of their institute.
  2. Yes. The decision will help students nurture their talent and develop into future political leaders.


A) Only argument 1 is strong

B)  Either argument 1 or 2 is strong

C) Both arguments 1 and 2 are strong

D) Only argument 2 is strong.

Q.29 The prestigious Arjuna awards were instituted by the government of India in which year? 

Ans A) 1961  B)  1991 C) 1971 D)1981

Q.30) Insert mathematical symbols in the place of the question marks (?) To get the result. 

(120? 150) ?25) ? 10 = -0.6


A) +,÷, ÷

B) -,×,÷

C) -, ÷ ,÷ 

D) +,×,×

Q.32 The ratio of boys to girls in a school is 9:11.  If 50 boys are admitted and 50 girls leave the school, the ratio becomes 13:15.  The original number of girls in the school is:

Ans A)  1850 B)  1575 C)  1650 D) 1925

Q 33)  Who among the following was the Foreign Secretary of India in 2017? 

Ans A)  Ashok Khemka  B)  S Dasgupta C) S Jaishankar D) Pavan Varma

Q 34)  Involuntary actions including blood pressure, salivation, and vomiting are controlled by the.

Ans  A) Spinal cord  B) Pons C)  Cerebellum D) Medulla

Q 35) Study the given diagram carefully.  Set U is the universal set and Set L, M, and N represent students studying History, Geography, and Language, respectively.  The total number of students NOT studying any subject is

rrb group d previous year question papers

Ans A) 60 B)  61 C)  58 D) 59

Q 36) Two sides of a quadrilateral are 64 cm and 48 cm in length and the angle between them is 90 ° The other two sides are 50 cm each.  The other three angles of the quadrilateral are not right angles.  What is the area of the quadrilateral? 

Ans A) 2,736 cm²  B)  2,916 cm²   C)  2,516 cm²  D) 2,836 cm²

Q 37) Which of the following hormones is secreted by the pituitary to start the ovulation process? 

Ans A)  Luteinizing hormone B)  Thyroid  C)  Progesterone D) Estrogen

Q 38) Given that A = tan30° and B = tan 60 ° -tan 30 °/1+tan 60 ° tan 30 °

which of the relations stated below is true?  


A) A>B

B) A<B

C) A+B=1

D) A=B

Q.39 Read the given question and decide which of the following statements is/are sufficient to answer the quest Question: K, J, M, and B are standing in a circular format.  Who is standing to the right of K?


  1. To the left of Mis J, and to the left of J is B.
  2.  K is the tallest of all.

Ans :

A) Statement 2 alone is sufficient.

B) Statements 1 and 2 together are sufficient.

C) Statement I alone is sufficient.

D) Statements 1 and 2 together are insufficient.

Q40)  Who has won the Lifetime Achievement award in political & Public life awards at the UK 2018 


A) Rajnath Singh

B) Arun Jaitley

C) Shatrughan Sinha

D) Yashwanth Sinha

Q 41) Which Indian state has won the Geospatial Word Excellence award 2018 for successful IT Applications?


A) Andhra Pradesh

B) Chhatisgarh

C) Odisha

D) Jharkhand

Q43) The source produces 10 crests & 10 troughs in 0.1 sec. What is the frequency wave produce?


A)100 Hz

B)108 Hz

C) 150Hz

D) 160Hz

Q 44)  Read the given statements and conclusions carefully and select which of the conclusions logically follow (s) from the statements. 


  1. All the cherries are berries.
  2. Some apples are berries.


  1. All cherries are apples.
  2. Some apples are cherries.

Ans :

A) Neither (1) nor (2) follow

B) Only (2) follow

C) Either (1) or (2) follows

D) Only (1) follows

Q.45 A statement is followed by two arguments.  Decide which of the arguments is/are strong with respect to the statement.  Statement: Should the government shut down all government organizations to arrest the misuse of funds? 

Arguments: I

  1.  Yes, public funds will be saved by shutting down government organizations.
  2. No, services from the government organization cannot be handed over to private institutions.

Ans :

A) Either 1 or 2 is strong

B)  Neither 1 nor 2 is strong

C) Only 2 is strong

D) Only 1 is strong.

Q.46 Consider the following question and decide which of the statements is sufficient to answer the question. Question Find the value of n. 


  1. x² – 2nx +81 = 0
  2. The equation has the solution as 9.


A) Both statements 1 and 2 are sufficient 

B) Only statement 2 is sufficient

C)  Neither 1 nor 2 is sufficient

D) Statement I alone is sufficient.

Q 47) 5/9 when multiplied by another number gives 10/3. What is the other number?


A) 6

B) 8/3

C) 27/2

D) 3

Q 48) A certain household has consumed 245 units of energy during a month. How much energy is this in joules?

A) 245 × 10^3 joules

B) 918 × 10^9 joules

C) 882 × 10^6 joules

D) 882 × 10^8 joules

Q49) Lemon juice has a PH value


A) 8

B) 2

C) 5

D) 3

Q 50) Select the odd material out of the following.

A) Rubber


C) Glass

D) Diamond

Q 52) Who is the first woman in the world to have swum across sea channels of five continents?


A)Vaania Kapoor Achuthan

B) Nafisa Ali

C) Bula Choudhury

D) Damini Gowda

Q.53) In a computer game a builder can build a wall in 10 hours while a destroyer can demolish such a wall completely in 25 hours. Both the builder and the destroyer were initially set to work together on level ground. But after 15 hours the destroyer was taken out. What was the total time taken to build the wall?


A) 16 hours 20 mins

B) 16 hours

C) 17 hours 2 mins

D) 18 hours 24 mins

Q.55 ) The LCM of 86 & 129 is:


A) 344

B) 258

C) 516

D) 172

Q.56)  A person driving at a speed of 48 km / h reaches the office 1.5 minutes early while she reaches 4.5 minutes late if driving at 36 km / h. What is the distance (in km) that she is covering?


A) 14.6

B) 15.4.

C) 15.6

D) 14.4

Q.57) Water ‘is related to “Well’ in the same way Dolphin ‘is related to:


A) Land 

B) Sea

C) Vessel

D) Picture

Q.58) A man is 6 times as old as his son now. In 6 years’ time, their ages will be in the ratio of 7: 2. Find the current age of his son.


A) 8 years

B) 5 years

C) 6 years

D) 10 years

Q 59) An object travels 15 m in 8 s and then another 25 m in 12 s. What is the average speed of the object?


A) 2 ms-¹

B) 4 ms-¹

C) 4 ms¹

D) 2 ms¹

Q.60) Find the odd one out.


A) Retardation

B) Deceleration

C) Negative acceleration

D) Positive acceleration

Q 61) Bangladesh and have signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding (MOU) for cooperation in the construction of the Rooppur nuclear power plant near Dhaka, Bangladesh.


A) India, Germany

B) India, Russia

C) India, Nepal

D) India, Japan

Q.62) For which state has the Seema Darshan project been approved?


A) Gujarat

B) West Bengal

C) Kerala

D) Jammu & Kashmir

Q 63) Read the given statement and the following conclusions carefully and select which of the conclusions logically follow (s) from the statement.

Statement: “My children love swimming”. said Prerna to her friend. Ans


  1. Prerna has children.
  2. She takes them swimming.

A) Both the conclusions follow.

B) Conclusion I alone follows. 

C) Neither conclusion I nor II follows.

D) Conclusion II alone follows.

Q.64) Who received the Padma Shri in 2017 for his contribution to Limboo language and literature?


A) Birkha Bahadur Muringla

B) Balkrishna Mabuhang

C) Til Bikram Nembang 

D) Upendra Subba

Q.65)  231 is divided into the ratio 7: 4. The smaller share is equal to


A) ₹132

B) ₹ 84

C) ₹66

D) ₹ 147

Q.66) Human insulin is being commercially produced from a transgenic species.


A) Mycobacterium

B) Rhizobium

C) Saccharomyces

D) Escherichia

Q.67) Nip is related to Crush in the same way as Cold is related to


A) Small

B) Chilled

C) Hot

D) Peak

Q.69)  Find the next figure for the given series:

Problem Figure





Answer Figure






A) C

B) A

C) B

D) D

Q.70) 3/4 when multiplied by another number, gives 5/8 That number is:


A) 32/15

B) 5/12

C) 5/6

D) 15/32

Q.71) The passes through the middle of India.


A) Tropic of Capricorn

B) Topic Of cancer

C) Arctic Circle

D) the Equator

Q.72)  R. Pragnanandhaa recently became the youngest Grandmaster of India in which game/sport?


A) Volleyball

B) Judo

C) Table Tennis

D) Chess

Q.73 The larger of the two angles made by the hour hand and the minute hand of a clock at 7 : 29: 30 hours are:


A) 312.25°

B) 311.25°

C) 313.25°

D) 314.25°

Q.74) 33 out of 60 is %.


A) 55

B) 60

C) 58

D) 52

Q.75) Find the next number in the series. 18, 23, 33, 48, 68, ?

A) 97

B) 100 

C) 95

D)  93

Q.76) With which of the following game/sport ‘Salt lake World Cup’ is associated?


A) Boxing

B) Archery

C) Swimming

D) Shooting

Q.77) BIP’s five-time MLA Jai Ram Thakur was sworn in as the 14th Chief Minister of.


A) Haryana

B) Uttar Pradesh

C) Himachal Pradesh

D) Odisha

Q.78 The function of nervous tissues is to conduct messages:


A) In half part of the body

B) In the lower part of the body

C) In the upper part of the body

D) Throughout the body

Q 79) Consider the following statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and decide which of the conclusions logically follows from the statements.


  1. All comedians are heroes.
  2. All heroes are artists.

1. All comedians are artists.
2. Some heroes are comedians.


A) Neither conclusion 1 nor 2 follows

B) the Only conclusion 1 follows

D) Both conclusions 1 and 2 follow

C) Only conclusion 2 follows

Q.80) Six kids are sleeping next to each other. Dhruv is sleeping on the left of Swayam. Shlok is sleeping on the right of Advaita, one kid away from Tanmay. Neither Ved nor Swayam is sleeping at the extreme ends. Who is at the extreme right?


A) Ved

B) Dbruv

C) Shlok

D) Tanmay

Q.81) Rajesh has a sister Kiran. Rajesh is the son of Chandan who is the son of Ramesh. How Kiran is related to Ramesh?


A) Daughter

B) Granddaughter

C) Sister

D) Mother

Q.82) A crucible used in laboratories to heat solids at a high temperature is made of:


A) Graphite

B) Copper

C) Aluminium

D) Silicon

Q.83) With reference to the Indian economy, what is the full form of FDI?


A) Foreign Domestic Intelligence.

B) Foreign Direct Intelligence.

C) Foreign Direct Investment.

D) Foreign Domestic Investment.

Q.84 The line that joins the center of curvature and the pole of a curved surface is called:


A) Focus

B) Principal axis

C) Focal point

D) Radius of Curvature

Q.85) Choose the missing terms from the options.

PS5QR, P4QS, …………., ………..,  P1QV






Q.86) Name the Group and Period of Modern Periodic Table in which Carbon is placed?


A) Third period and thirteenth group

B) Second period and fourteenth group

C) Fifth period and Fifteenth group

D) Seventh period and fourteenth group

Q.88)  How many medals did India win at Strandja Memorial Boxing Tournament?


A) 15

B) 10

C) 12

D) 11

Q.89 Which of the following numbers is prime?


A) 153

B) 143

D)  133

D) 163

Q.90) Tt is the product of power and time: its unit is W-s and KWH. What is it called?


A) Power

B) Potential energy

C) Electric conductivity

D) Electrical energy

Q 92)……… is the change in velocity per unit time.

Ans  A) Acceleration B) Momentum C) Force D) Inertia

Q93) Which of the following paintings are famous in Bihar?

Ans A) Kalamkari B) Tamasha C) Madhubani  D) Bani – thani

Q 94) T is the granddaughter of H, and H is the mother of N. Who is H to T?

Ans A) Mother B) Sister  C) Grandfather  D) Grandmother.

Q 95) Which of the following plants belongs to the category of Pteridophyta?

Ans A) Chara B) Ulothrix  C) Cladophora  D) Marsilea.

Q96) Consider the following question and decide which of the statements is sufficient to answer

Question: How is Bhavna related to Satish?

Statements: 1 Bhavna’s mother is Rajyam. Rajyam’s son is Satish.

Statements: 2 Rajyam’s son is Satish.

Ans :

A) Only statement 1 is sufficient while statement 2 is not.

B) Neither statement 1 nor 2 is sufficient.

C) Only statement 2 is sufficient while stat

ement 1 is not.

D) Bothe statements 1 & 2 are Sufficient.

Q.97 The molecular mass of nitrogen is 28. Its atomic mass is 14. The atomicity of nitrogen is……….

Ans A) 2 B) 28 C) 1  D) 14

Q.98) 4th of October 2018 is Thursday. What day would be the 2nd of February 2019?


A) Sunday

B) Saturday

C) Friday

D) Thursday

Q 99) Which elements combine to form Ammonia?

Ans :

A) Hydrogen and Nitrogen

B) Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen

C) Hydrogen, Chlorine, and Nitrogen

D) Hydrogen and Oxygen

Q 100 )Five students, Pankaj, Qadar, Ram, Seema, and Tarun, appeared for an examination and scored marks as follows

The average of marks scored by Pankaj, Qadar, and Ram is 70.

And an average of marks scored by Pankaj, Qadar, Ram, and Seema is 70.

And an average of marks scored by Qadar, Ram, Seema, and Tarun is 85.

Tarun scored 30 marks more than Seema. How many marks did Pankaj score in the examination?


A) 80 marks

B) 70 marks

C) 90 marks

D) 40 marks




RRB Group d Previous Year Question Paper

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