RRB NTPC Exam All Shift Analysis 2020

RRB Railway NTPC All Shift Wise Analysis 2020

All these questions asked in the RRB NTPC exam 2020. The Indian Railway Boards has Conducted an online exam.

Date 28-12-2020 

Shift First -1 Questions Asked In Exams Shift FIRST 

Q-1)  What is the unite of Electric Current?

Ans- Ampere.

Q-2) Who is the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh?

Ans – Jai Ram Thakur.

Q-3) Where is the Sabarimala temple located?

Ans – Kerala.

Q-4) Who is the youngest president of India?

Ans – Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy.

Q-4) Which State is the longest coastline?

Ans- Gujrat.

Q-5) Who is the Microsoft CEO?

Ans- Satya Nadela.

Q-6) What is the full form URL?

Ans- Uniform Resource Locator.

Q-7) What is the PH Value of lemon?

Ans- 2.5

Q-8) Who is the governor of Bihar?

Ans- Phagu Chauhan.

Q-9) Which is the largest island in the world?

Ans- Victoria Island.

Q-10) What is the chemical formula of hard water?

Ans- H2O.

Q-11) where did the Khelo India youth games 2020 were held?

Ans- Guwahati, Assam.


Shift First -1 Questions Asked In Exams Shift Second

Q ) Who is the governor of Madhya Pradesh?

Ans – Smt. Anandibai Patel.

Q ) In which year did the Moplah revolt take place?

Ans- 1921.

Q ) Who is the CEO of Nokia?

Ans – Pekka Lundmark.

Q ) Where is the Head Office of the United Nations?

Ans- New York.

Q ) Who Calculated the National Income of India the first time?

Ans- Dada Bhai Naroji.

Q ) Where is the silent valley national park?

Ans – Kerala

Q )In which amendment fundamental duties are added?

Ans- 42nd.

Q ) Who is the founder of the swaraj party?

Ans- Motilal Nehru & CR Das.

Q ) Salary of vice president of India?

Ans-  4 lakh.

Q )First Indian to get Nobel Price in Economics?

Ans – Amartya Sen.

Q ) Battle of Plassey was fought in?

Ans- 23rd June 1757.

RRB NTPC Exam All Shift Analysis

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