GPAT Syllabus 2024 – Subject Wise Syllabus, Exam Pattern:

GPAT Syllabus 2024 – Subject Wise Syllabus, Exam Pattern GPAT syllabus covers of the 3rd  and 4th year in pharmacy and it contain 19 subject in total which is further divided into various sub topics same of the important subject from GPAT syllabus.    A] GPAT Syllabus of Physical Chemistry : Composition & physical states of … Read more

What Are Vitamins? Sources of Vitamins ,Benefits of Vitamins

What Are Vitamins?  Vitamins are the micronutrients required for the proper growth and  maintenance of our body and organs. They help with the metabolism  of proteins, fats and carbohydrates required for the body development. Vitamins are not developed/synthesized inside the human  body. Hence, our food should have appropriate amounts of vitamins that meet the required … Read more

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