Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Term and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Study2job!

 These Terms and Conditions outline the principles and regulations for the utilization of Study2Job’s Website, located at https://study2job.in.

All Are Following Terms and conditions for study2job.

1) Can users sign up and create an account on your website?

No, users cannot sign up and create an account on your website?

2) Do you have an age requirement for your website visitors?
No, anyone can visit and use the website.

3) Do you send email newsletters to your users?
Yes, users can opt to receive email newsletters from us.

4) This is a study to job website this website is provided free job alert, study material, and other latest government announcement by using the email addresses and WhatsApp mobile numbers those who are provided to mobile numbers email address or subscribe to our newsletter please read our careful privacy policy page before subscribing.

5) we are do not send spam email and irrelevant content to the user database or user privacy is our responsibility all email address and mobile numbers are saved to our server in our server is fully SSL certificate.

6) We do not send any paid books and third party properties to our email subscriber.
7) We do not sell email database.
8) We do not sell a mobile number database.
9) We only display advertisement and study material this advertisement from a newspaper and Google search engine this is not created by the study to job alert this only displays a and send a newsletter from study to job alert

How can users contact you regarding this policy?
Yes, By Contact form or by using email id – [email protected]

This is the all Terms and conditions for study2job.

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