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RRB Group d Previous Year Questions Paper-2

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Group D Syllabus:

Q 1) The 4th of October 2018 is Thursday. What day would be the 2nd of February 2019?


A) Sunday

B) Saturday

C) Friday

D) Thursday

Q.2)  A 10 Ω resistance wire is doubled on it. Calculate the new resistance of the wire.


A) 2.25 Ω

B) 2.5 Ω

C) 1.25 Ω

D) 1 Ω

Q 3) Find the missing term in this series.






Q 4)  Solve the below equation. 


A) 0.2

B) 0.08

C) 0.8

D) 1

Q.5) The given Venn diagram represents the sports preferences of a group of college students. There are three games:








A -Badminton,

B – Basketball and

C – Tennis.

How many students play at least one game?


A) 77

B) 5

C) 17

D) 35

Q.6) Name the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO’s) first solar mission to take off in 2019 to study Sun.


A)Aditya S1

B) Aditya R1

C) Aditya M1

D) Aditya L1

Q 7)  Which of the following statements is true?

A: Four types of elements together make up the xylem tissue.

B: The non-living cell of the phloem is called the companion cell.


A) Statements A and B are false

B) Only statement A is true, B is false

C) Only statement B is true, A is false

D) Statements A and B are true

Q 8) Which of the following combines with O2 in our body to provide energy?


A) Amino acids.

B) Glucose.

C) Fatty acids.

D) Glycogen.

Q.9) The current age of Tom is 1 1/3 times his age when he married 10 years ago. The age of his daughter today is 1/11 of what Tom’s age will be 15 years hence. Tom’s daughter is now …. years old.


A) 5

B) 6

C) 4

D) 7

Q 10) Solve the below equation.

10 – [5 – {6 -(5 – 4 – 3)}] =?


A) 10

B) 16

C) 13

D) 8

Q 11) If √75 +√363 = VN, what is the value of N?


A) 438

B) 729

C) 768

D) 27

Q 12) Choose the figure which is different from the others in the given set.







A) B

B) D

C) A

D) C

Q.13) Gopi Thonakal created history by becoming the first Indian man to win the Asian—– Championship. (RRB Group d Questions Papers)


A) Marathon

B) Judo

C) Badminton

D) Wrestling

Q 14) When the angle between the force and the displacement is 90°, the work done is.


A) Neutral.

B) Negative.

C) Zero ( no work is done).

D) Positive.

Q 15) The largest fraction among the given ones is:

8/6, 6/4, 5/3, 9/5.


A) 8/6

B) 5/3

C) 9/5

D) 6/4

Q.16) Given below is a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and IJ.

You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement. (RRB Group d Questions Papers)

Detergents should be used to clean clothes.

  1. Detergents reduce the surface tension of water to clear dirt
  2. Detergents clear dirt and grease as well.


A) Only assumption II is implicit.

B) Either assumption I or II is implicit.

C) Both assumptions I and II are implicit.

D) Only assumption I is implicit.

Q 17) Which of the following correctly represents the relationship between:

A) Ear B) Nose C) Face.






Q 18) The first Paralympic Games were held in


A)Athens, Greece in 1956

B) Milan, Italy in 1956

C) Paris, France in 1960

D) Rome, Italy in 1960

Q 19) You are given a question and two statements. Identify which of the statements is/are sufficient to answer the question.


Nayana has 6 net cloths of 4 different colors measuring 1 meter each. How many pink net clothes does she have?


1. Nayana has 1 white net cloth.

2. One-fifth of the remaining clothes are red and the number of red and blue clothes are the same.


A) Statement 1 alone is sufficient.

B) Statements 1 and 2 together are sufficient.

C) statements 1 and 2 together are not sufficient.

D) Statement 2 alone is sufficient.

Q 21) Read the given statement(s) and conclusions carefully and select which of the conclusions logically follow(s) from the statement(s).

“Dogs love to play with kids,” said Y to M.


  1. Y has observed dogs.
  2. Dogs are friendly with kids.


A) Neither 1 nor 2 follows.

B) Conclusion 2 alone follows

C) Conclusion 1 alone follows.

D) Both conclusions follow.

Q 22) Out of the four given figures, three are similar in a certain manner. However, one figure is NOT like the other three. (RRB Group d Questions Papers)

Select the figure which is different from the rest.

rrb group d questions papers






A) D

B) C

C) B

D) A

Q 23) Which of the following examples illustrates Newton’s first law of motion?


A) When we stop pedaling, the bicycle begins to slow down

B) When a bus starts suddenly, the passengers receive a backward jerk

C) Launching of a rocket

D) While catching a fast-moving cricket ball, the fielder gradually pulls his hand backward with the moving ball?

Q 24) The bonds formed by the elements having larger atoms are:


A) Very strong

B) Very weak

C) Weaker

D) Stronger

Q 25) In a certain language, ‘MALA CHAHA HAVA’ is coded as ‘piu Naka chaha’, ‘HAVA GAAR AHE’ is coded as “chaha kadu asto” and ‘CHAHA GAAR PYA’ is coded as ‘piu shaklo asto”.

What is the code for ‘*CHAHA HAVA GAAR HAVA’ in that language?


A) gaar asto kadu chaha

B) piu chaha asto chaha

C) piu shakto kadu chaha

D) kadu chaha asto chaha

Q.26 The sum of the present ages of a father and a son is 50 years. If 5 years ago, the ratio of their ages was 7: 1, then the 5 son’s present age is:


A) 9 years

B) 10 years

C) 14 years

D) 15 years

Q 27 ) Which of the following will NOT diffuse?


A) Powdered fenugreek

B) Vapour of scent

C) The smoke of an incense stick

D) Smoke

Q.28) Which veteran Bengali actor has been selected for France’s highest civilian award, Legion of Honor?


A) Sharmila Tagore

B) Konkana Sen

C) Moushumi Chatterjee

D) Soumitra Chatterjee

Q.29) Mohiniyattam is a traditional dance from South India, specifically from the state of India.

A) Andhra Pradesh

B) Karnataka

C) Kerala

D) Tamil Nadu

Q.30) In the context of the Indian economy, which of the following is a subject under the tertiary sector?


A) Health

B) Agriculture

C) Industries

D) Animal husbandry

Q 31) Read the statements and identify whether the conclusion is true or false.


  1. This examination was very easy.
  2. Biology paper was easier.


Rahul had given the Biology exam yesterday.


A) True

B) Definitely false

C) False

D) Insufficient data

Q 32) Which of the following statements is/are true/false?

Statement :
A. An acid that is completely ionized into ions and produces a large number of (H¯)ions. For example
HCl, H2SO4, NHO3,
B. Anacid which is partially ionized in water and produces less number of (H+) ions. Form example


A) Only A is true

B) Both A and B are true

C) Both A and B are false

D) Only B is true

Q 33) Consider the following statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and decide which of the conclusions logically follows from the statements.


  1.  All the cups are bowls.
  2.  All bowls are spoons.


  1. Some cups are not spoons.
  2. Some spoons are cups.


A) Neither conclusion 1 nor 2 follows

B) Only conclusion 2 follows

C) the Only conclusion 1 follows

D) Both conclusions 1 and 2 follow


Q 34)A current of 0.5 A is drawn by a filament for 10 minutes. Find the amount of electric charge that flows through the circuit


A) 5C

B) 300C

C) 350C

D) 30C

Q 35) You are given a figure followed by four alternatives (a), (b), (c), and (d). Choose the alternatives which closely resemble the water image of the given figure.

Problem Figure:
Answer Figure:






Q 36) If in 12 innings a batsman scores 38, 70, 48, 34, 42, 76, 55, 46, 63, 54, 80, and 44, then the mean deviation from the  medians is approximate:


A) 9.6

B) 8.6

C) 12.17

D) 10.17

Q 37) Mahesh alone takes 18 days to complete a piece of work, while Kishore alone takes 36 days to complete the same piece of work.

If they work together for 6 days, what is the percentage of total work that is left?


A) 60%

B) 30%

C) 40%

D) 50%

Q 38) 746 Watts is known as:



B) 1 KW



Q 39) Which of the following will have maximum mass?


A) 0.1 mole of NH3

B) 1 gm of Iron

C) 1022 molecules of CO2

D) 1022 atoms of Carbon

Q 40) In the figure, AB || CD

and ∠AFE = 30° then ∠FCD is:

rrb group d questions papers







A) 6

B) 9



Q 41) A train passes by a stationary man standing on a platform in 5 seconds and passes by the platform completely in 25 seconds. If the length of the platform is 300 meters, what is the length of the train?


A) 110m

B) 115m

C) 150m

D) 75m

Q 42) How many triangles are there in the following figure?

rrb group d questions papers


A) 14

B) 10

C) 8

D) 22

Q 43) The ratio of the number of boys to that of the girls in a school was 4: 5. If there were 333 students in the school, how many of them were girls?


A) 185

B) 175

C) 180

D) 190

Q 44) The Ryotwari settlement was introduced in the year?


A) 1765

B) 1793

C) 1830

D) 1820

Q 45) …………fills the space inside the organs and supports the internal organs and helps in the repair of tissue.


A) Adipose

B) Tendons

C) Areolar

D) Ligament

Q 46)……… is a quantity that does NOT describe the nature of a wave.


A) Wavelength

B) Altitude

C) Wave speed

D) Frequency

Q 47) Find missing figure in the given series.

rrb group d questions papers







rrb group d questions papers




RRB Group d Questions Papers




RRB Group d Questions Papers




RRB Group d Questions Papers




Q 48) Kajal walks 25 m to the south of her house, turns left, and goes another 10 m. Then turning to the north, she goes 20 m and then starts walking to her house. In which direction is she walking now?


A) South-East

B) East

C) North-West

D) North

Q 49)Read the statement below followed by two courses of action statements.
Many government officers take a bribe to do their duty

A course of action:

  1. Anti-corruption bureau should be given free hand to trap and prosecute the corrupt employees
  2. All corruption complaints on government employees are false

Read them carefully and decide which course of action follows logically.


A) Both 1 and 2 follow

B) Only 2 follows

C) Only 1 follows

D) Neither 1 nor 2 follows

Q 50) The coordinates of the point that divides the line segment joining the points (— 7, 6) and (5, 0) internally in the ratio 1: 3 are given by:


A) (3, 1)

B) (-4,45)

C) (1,3)

D) (— 3,4)

Q 51) Which of the following DO NOT take part in vegetative propagation?


A) Root

B) Stem

C) Leaf

D) Flower

Q 52) The ratio of two numbers is 7: 11 and their HCF is 8. What is the LCM of these numbers?


A) 924

B) 1540

C) 616

D) 308

Q 53) Which Union Minister launched the first ‘NIC-CERT’ in New Delhi to prevent and predict cyber attacks on government utilities? (RRB Group d Questions Papers)


A) Shri Kalraj Mishra

B) Ravi Shankar Prasad

C) Arun Jaitley

D) Sushma Swaraj

Q 54) At point 0, facing east a person walks 2 km to reach point A. Then, he tums right walk 4 km and reach point B. After he turns left, walks 2 km, and reaches point C.

Next, he turns left, walks 8 km, and reaches point D.

And, he turns left. walks 8 km and reaches point E. Later. he turns left, walks 4 km, and reaches point F. The shortest distance between point C and pointE is km.


A) 6√2

B) 2√2

C) 8√2

D) 12√8

Q 55) “Tee, Par, Flagstick” is associated with


A) Golf

B) Cricket

C) Tennis

D) Hockey

Q 56) Read the given statement and choose which argument is strong.

Luxury hotels should be banned in India.


1 Yes. These places are turning into operating centers for international criminals.

I. No. Well, off foreign tourists won’t be able to find a suitable place to stay.


A) the Only argument I is strong

B) Only argument II is strong

C) Neither I nor II is strong

D) Either I or II is strong

Q 57) What is the theme of the 10“ edition of the Jaipur Literature Festival?


A) Nirbhaya: India at 70

B) The Freedom to Dream: India at 70

C) Green India

D) Happiness Unlimited

Q 58) In an election, a candidate got 62% of the total votes polled and won the election by 35640 votes. The total number of  votes cast, if no vote is declared invalid, is:


A) 93790

B) 57484

C) 148500

D) 35640

Q 59) In the formula F = GMm/d?: what is G called?


A) Greater height

B) Gravitational Force

C) Acceleration due to gravity

D)Universal gravitational constant

Q 60) Linear momentum is equal to :


A) Mass * velocity

B) Speed x weight

C) Force * height

D) Mass * volume

Q 61) The common passage for food and air in a human being is:


A) Nasal cavity

B) Pharynx

C) Larynx

D) Esophagus

Q 62) The mean weight of six kids is 17.5 kg. If the individual weights of 5 of those kids are 14, 19, 23, 21, and 13 kg, respectively, find the weight of the sixth kid.


A) 16 kg

B) l5kg

C) 17 kg

D) 18 kg

Q 63) Read the given question and decide which of the following statements is/are sufficient to answer the question.

Which word represents ‘blue’ in the code language?


  1.  ‘Here is a pen’ is written as ‘Hya eys e Pena’. 
  2. ‘Here is a blue pen’ is written as ‘Hya eys e Nel Pena’.


A) Statements 1 and 2 together are sufficient.

B) Statement 1 alone is sufficient.

C) Statements 1 and 2 together are insufficient.

D) Statement 2 alone is sufficient.

Q 64) If cosec (A- B) = (2secA secB /tan A-tanB ) then cosec(15°) =?


A) √6-√2

B) √6+√2

C) √6+√3

D) √6-√3

Q 65) Which of the following countries is not a democratic country?


A) China

B) the UK

C) India

D) the USA

Q 66) Which of the statements is sufficient to answer the question?
Find the total number of balls in a bag.
1. The bag contains 6 blue, 10 red, and 7 yellow balls.
2. The bag contains blue, red, and yellow colored balls only


A) the Only statement 1 is sufficient

B) the Only statement 2 is sufficient

C) Both statements 1 and 2 are sufficient

D) Either statement 1 or 2 is sufficient

Q 67) The sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 9 also nine-time this number is twice the number obtained by reversing the order of the digits. Find the number.


A) 28

B)  19

C) 30

D) 18

Q 68) Incertain language MAT is written as 13+1+20 and FAN is written as 6 +1+14. How are TANKS written in that language?


A) 20+1+14+11+19

B) 20+ 14+ 11+9

C) 19+1+144+11+20

D) 20+ 11+1+14+19

Q 69) In the Modern Periodic Table, which of the following periods has the maximum number of non-metals? (RRB Group d Questions Papers)


A) 4

B)  1

C) 2

D) 3

Q 70) Find the next figure in the given series.

RRB Group d Questions Papers


RRB Group d Questions Papers







A) C

B) D

C) B

D) A

Q 71) You are given a question and three statements. Identify which of the statements is/are necessary/sufficient to answer the question.

Find the age of M 10 years from now.

  1. Lis 2 years old now.
  2. Miss L’s older sister.
  3. M’s age is half of the five-times the age of L.


A) Statement 2 alone is sufficient.

B) Statement 1 and 3 together are sufficient.

C) Statement 1, 2, and 3 together are insufficient.

D) Statement 1 alone is sufficient

Q 72) During which of the following types of reproduction do the fully matured tiny individuals detach from the parent body and become new independent individuals?


A) Multiple fission.

B) Fission.

C) Budding.

D) Regeneration.

Q 73) In, the English East India Company sent an education dispatch to India which came to be known as Wood’s Despatch.  (RRB Group d Questions Papers)


A) 1856.

B) 1854.

C) 1852.

D) 1858.

Q 74) The HCF of two numbers is 110 and their product is 290400. The LCM of these two numbers is:


A) 2640

B) 1980

C) 3960

D) 1320

Q 75) An element has electronic configuration 2,8,6. It belongs to


A) 16 group and 3 period

B) 1 group and 1 period

C) 6 group and 2 period

D) 2 group and 2 period

Q 76) In a certain code language, ‘pin tin fin’ means ‘delicious red food’, ‘tie dip sig’ means ‘beautiful yellow rose* and ‘sig pan fin’ means ‘rose and food’.

Which of the following stands for ‘food’ in that language?


A)  pan.

B) fin.

C) tin.

D) pin.

Q 77) Lion is related to Roar, in the same way as Horse is related to


A) Bray.

B) Neigh.

C) Hiss.

D) Hoot.

Q 78) A is twice as good a workman as B. If together they finish the work in 14 days, then in how many days can it be done by B separately?


A) 40 days.

B) 35 days.

C) 42 days.

D) 21 days.

Q 79) Blue is related to Sky in the same way as Brown is related to:


A) Mud.

B) Vessel.

C) Wet.

D) Board.

Q 80) Sangitha was facing the north-west direction. If she was playing carom with Sudha in the standard seating pattern, in which direction was Sudha facing?


A) North-west.

B) North-east.

C) South-west.

D) South-east.

Q 81) Who is popularly known as “Rocket Man’ for his significant contribution to the development of cryogenic engines for India’s space program? (RRB Group d Questions Papers)


A) Pratik Barve

B) K. Sivan

C) Ashok Khadolia

D) Pawan Chandana

Q 82) Name the upcoming animated film, the first such one in Sanskrit language, which is crowd-funded and crowd-sourced?



B) Kamadhenu.

C) Punyakoti.

D) Vyaghrah.

Q 83) A wall 4.84 m long and 3.1 m high is to be covered with 22 cms * 10 cms tiles. Find out the total rate of tiles if each tile costs ℜ 1.50.


A) 1022.

B) 1023.

C) 1025.

D) 1030.

Q 84)The current age of Sam is 5/4 times his age when he married 8 years ago. The age of his daughter today is a ninth of what Sam’s age will be 5 years hence. Sam’s daughter is now years old.


A) 7

B) 4

C) 5

D) 6

Q 85) A reaction in which one or more molecules of a substance are added across a double or triple bond is called:


A) Saponification.

B) Esterification.

C) Addition reaction.

D) Functional group.

Q 86) Which state government will launch a digital platform named “Seva Sindhu’?

The platform will provide government services at the doorsteps of people and provide employment to educated youth in rural areas.


A) Kerala

B) Andhra Pradesh

C) Tamil Nadu

D) Karnataka

Q 87) Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched three Indian digital payment apps in a foreign country. Name the country.


A) Bangladesh.

B) Dubai.

C) Singapore.

D) Malaysia.

Q 88) Who publishes the biannual ‘Financial Stability Report’?


A) Reserve Bank of India.


C) Central Bank of India.

D) Ministry of Finance.

Q 89) What is the next term in the given series?

4A, 4Z,12B,12X,36C,……..,


A) 36Y.

B) 36U.

C) 36W.

D) 36V.

Q 90) 48 out of 60 is ………..%,


A) 78.

B) 75.

C) 80.

D) 85.

Q 91) Work can only be done when there is


A) Momentum.

B) Energy.

C) Power.

D) Force.

Q 92) Name the journalist who was conferred with the Kuldip Nayar journalism award in March 2017?


A) Vinod Dua.

B) Arnab Goswami.

C) Rajdeep Sardesai.

D) Ravish Kumar.

Q 93) If 10 reduced from 5 times a number is equal to 8 added to four times the number, then what is the number? (RRB Group d Questions Papers)


A) 21

B) 18

C) 22

D) 15

Q 94) 17,22. 27,525 ………….., The sum of the first 20 terms in the series is:


A) 1295.

B) 1920.

C) 1209.

D) 1290.

Q 95) Solve the below equation. (1212/0.5)=0.06X


A) 40.

B) 0.40.

C) 400.


Q 96) What will not be the expected result when two eggs are dropped from a certain height such that one egg falls on a concrete floor and another falls on a cushioned pillow?


A) Objects falling from different heights observe different levels of force.

B) The egg that lands on the cushioned pillow does not break because a smaller force acts on the egg for a longer time.

C) Both the eggs will break.

D) The egg that fell on the concrete floor will break because a large force acts on it for a short interval of time.

Q 97) Find HCF of 7/9,15/14,7/10


A) 7/675.

B) 14/45.

C) 7/45.

D) 9/70.

Q 98) In longitudinal waves, the particles vibrate in a direction of propagation


A) planar.

B) perpendicular.

C) parallel.

D) semicircular.

Q 99) Kuchipudi is the classical dance form from the South-East Indian state of:


A) Andhra Pradesh

B) Tamil Nadu

C) Karnataka

D) Kerala

Q100)…………. proposed that each element had a characteristic atomic mass.


A) Kanad.

B) Democritus.

C) Dalton.

D) Lavoisier.


(RRB Group d Questions Papers)

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